King of 3 Rock – October 13th/14th

In case anyone has missed this, MAD are running the King of Three Rock next week. Here’s some info from them!

The King of 3 Rock is a  two day Enduro MTB event on October 13th/14th 2012 which includes the Team-Trail-Thrash (Saturday), and Dixie-Dash races (Sunday), culminating in the ultimate accolade for any mountain biker in the country – the crowning of the King of Three Rock!!

We’ll be using much different trails to what those which the Ticknock Gravity Enduro used, so there’ll be loads of variety and fast techy stuff.   Our focus in designing these trails has been to create and link downhill sections which have a real test of a mountainbiker’s skills and ability to ride techy stuff fast and clean.

The sections will suit both XC heads and DH heads, so expect to see a variety of riders on the podium.  There will not be any craic-killing climbing in any of the stages.  Plenty of new trails you likely have never seen before too, we’re very busy over the next few weeks getting all the trails in perfect shape for this, and we’re also ensuring we have back-up trails in case the weather tries to make a mess of things, which it won’t of course because we’re unofficially into “summer” now.

We’ve widened various sections to make them faster, and cut back a load of grass and nasty gorse to really open-up the sections for speed and alternative lines.

We’ve done a lot of planning to put in trails that go from some of the highest points to the lowest points on Three Rock, with 3 stages feature a vertical drop of approx 500 ft each!

Heres a quick promo video, with more to follow:

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The King Of 3Rock promo video on Pinkbike

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